Industrial site objects informatization

Compressor stations, Underground gas storages, Gas-distributing stations, Automobile gas-filling compressor stations, Oil pumping stations

Industrial site objects informatization, scheme of Industrial site objects operation, Compressor stations and UGS, Industrial site objects operation business-processes

The main objectives of the operation of industrial sites is to ensure the safe operation of equipment and systems of technological complex with the implementation of the main types of work: scheduled maintenance, accounting, playground equipment, monitoring the timeliness of the planned measures, rapid response to emergencies and assessing the technical condition of equipment to prevent them.

The main oil and gas industrial site objects include:


  • Compressor stations of main gas pipelines (CS)
  • Underground gas storage (UGS)
  • Gas distribution stations (GDS)
  • Automobile gas-filling compressor stations (AGCS)
  • Oil-pumping stations (OPS)

Enterprises which have chosen us and used IT-TRANSIT software solutions at industrial sites facility operation

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