Main pipelines operation informatization

Main pipelines operation informatization, main pipelines exploitation, сhart of main pipelines opération, вusiness processes on main pipelines exploitation,  informatization of pipeline complex

The main objective of the pipeline transport sector production is to control the safe operation of the main and auxiliary equipment of the transport system. Ensuring stable operation of pipeline and transport system requires timely execution of procedural, repair and diagnostic measures, rapid response to emergencies and timely obtaining the information on objects, their condition and  expected terms of operation.


The Main Pipelines (MP) and their infrastructure can differ, depending on a type of the transported product to them can concern:
gas pipelines, oil pipelines, products pipelines, steam lines, water supply systems, oxygen pipelines, black oil pipelines, acetylene pipelines, fuel pipelines, acid pipelines, alkali pipelines, ammonia pipelines, etc.


The basic MP objects are:


  • pipeline with branches and loopings, shutoff valves, transitions through obstacles natural and artificial, junction points of oil pumping stations, compressor stations, knots of gas consumption measurement , points of gas reduction , knots of start-up and reception of clearing devices, condensate trap, and also devices for methanol input;
  • installation of electrochemical corrosion protection of pipelines;
  • lines and structures of technological communication;
  • means of pipelines remote control;
  • power lines;
  • fire-prevention means;
  • roads and helipads, identifying marks the location of pipelines, the warning signs and indicators.

Сompanies that have chosen us and used IT-TRANSIT  software solutions in Main pipeline operation

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