Equipment accounting systems

One of the main objectives of information system is storage and granting the full, authentic and structured information on enterprise production objects of fuel and energy complex, their technical, diagnostic, operational and spatial characteristics, and also information on technical condition of the equipment to users. Such targets are achieved by systems of certification (passportization) and accounting of the equipment of technological complexes.


Passportization system operation is realized on the basis of the automated procedures of formation for inquiries of the user of objects hierarchical structures and their detailed passports with characteristics on the basis of information model and metadata of system.


The information model of system defining completeness and production structure of the database is realized on the basis of specially created "Classifier of linear part objects, electrochemical protection and system of linear power supply of the main pipelines for an analytical assessment of their technical condition" (Certificate No. 28152). Classifiers are created taking into account the existing international and domestic references and standards, and also requirements to data on objects from the divisions of the enterprises operating and operating objects. The total number of unique classes makes more than 500, at the same time the structure of the enterprise equipment described by them has more than 6,5 thousand technological adjusting nodes.


Functional modules of the accounting system are the following:

Account and maintaining of production objects technical information


The system of technical passportization has the friendly web interface for viewing, addition, removal and editing objects. It has opportunities of work both with the structured "trees" of objects, and with their tabular representation in forms which instruments of sorting, a filtration, grouping and search of objects in the database on any of the chosen characteristics or the group.


Results of passport information selection on the set attributes and conditions with definition of the displayed characteristics can be kept in the form of reports of the formats doc, xls.


Objects’ detailed passports comprise data with the main technical characteristics of objects, and also can store in a multimedia form contained in the passport that divided by tabs of origin manufacturer's certificates  scanned copies, operational forms,  results of diagnostics, examinations, operational and repair maintenance. Besides, the digital photos of objects, files of their specification and other resources concerning a concrete example of the accounting equipment are stored in passports.

Equipment accounting systems, Passport of technological equipment, structure, classification of objects




Video review of the  information management technical capabilities of the process equipment




Working with technic passports of production objects




Video review of the tools for working with passports of technological objects 




Multimedia materials of technological objects in the passport




Video review of work with multimedia of technological objects





The passport viewing the history of changes by: date, the author of changes, old and new values of the changed attribute.


Passport information is integrated with the block of graphic resources of system: technological and other schemes, cartographic materials, longitudinal profiles and diagram constructers. It allows to run quickly for search and localization of the chosen objects on graphic materials, increasing interactive perception and presentation of technical passport data and allowing to solve administrative and operational problems in a short time.

Formation of logical multicriteria inquiries to technological objects


Among production tasks of the user there can be requirements of technical information processing of large volume, with implementation of the analysis and selection of technological objects by the set criteria. This task is realized by means of formation of logical inquiry. The report in tabular representation displaying the set key attributes imposed on them conditions and filters is result of inquiry.


Operations when creating a query are performed:


  • Selecting objects
  • Selecting attributes
  • Setting query conditions
  • Choosing the attributes displayed on the screen
  • Setting rules for sorting results

There is an opportunity to set group functions.


According to the results of multicriteria query reports are generated and designed, query results are printed, export to xls format is performed. From the table of results it is possible to carry out transition to the passport of the chosen object, to carry out its localization on graphic materials, and also to use function of a thematic map consruction which on the basis of display set conditions for building the query results in maps.

Formation of inquiries to technological objects




Video review of query builder operations 


Accounting of gas consumption consumers and contractors


The module is intended for maintaining of gas consumers database (subscribers, the enterprises, household establishments), supports of their address information, data on existence of the gas equipment and the accounting of his technical condition.


The module is realized on the basis of system of certification and uses his functions during the work with information on consumers:


  • creation, editing, deleting of a card of the consumer;
  • work with the list of consumers with a filtration on the set criteria, sorting, export to the doc and xls formats, printing of  selection result;
  • viewing of consumer card history change;
  • localization on the map of consumer location;
  • search for the consumer in attributive characteristics;
  • transition to information on existence of  intra house gas equipment and measuring devices, expeditious records about performance of technical inspections of the equipment, additional project, allowing, executive and other documentation;
  • transition to registration information from adjacent billing systems on payment of the consumer, volumes of consumption of gas and debts, in the presence of integration with such systems and comparison of their DB.

The module allows to operate information on the installed intra house gas equipment on a gas site, with formation of selection by quantity, type, date and the period of operation, and also on its technical characteristics and the accounting of carrying out procedural surveys. By results of selection procedural and non-procedural reports  can be formed, its registration, printing and redirection by system on responsible person with the notice of need of coordination.


Function of the account and registration of consumers' gas equipment periodic surveys performance, with the indication of survey results, the conclusion about equipment condition, an attachment of supporting documents, elimination of violations on the basis of instructions or sanctions purpose, and also the accounting of measuring devices checking passing timeliness is supported.


The module is also implemented on a mobile application to allow data using and maintening out of office, with a regular synchronization with the database.

Database of gas consumers in the system
Account and registration in a system of consumers' gas equipment surveys

Regulatory and reference provision


Module of normative and technical documentation (NTD) maintaining  provides a scheduled, regulatory, reference and other information about the production facilities of the enterprise and the rules of facility operation, linked with the passports of these objects.


The module is intended for the maintenance and updating of regulations database to the extent required in production, and may include procedural and normative documents among which are: Construction norms and regulations,  state standards, norms, manuals, laws, regulations on operation, equipment service and repair regulation, factory regulating documentation, instructions and regulations when working with the equipment, labor protection rules, safety regulations, cooperation plan, location plan and emergency response, calibration techniques, the provisions on the organization of the production control, the provisions on the organization of technical supervision, instructions and regulations of interaction with customers and other necessary in the production regulations and references.


Regulatory and reference documentation are structured, linked with the process of production equipment. From the document e-form double-sided transition is carried out to the corresponding facility passport. Searching for the required reference data is carried out from the passport of processing equipment or by module searching means.


NTD electronoc-form is accompanied by information about the validaaty of the standard documentation.

The module of normative and technical documentation maintenance

Organization of access to the design and executive documentation


Access to the design, executive, budget and other archival documents is provided in cooperation with the technical electronic archive systems, which provides the presence of such systems in the enterprise.


The module of interaction between passport documents and electronic archive system documents is designed to automate the receipt of archived information about the object information system (passportization, GIS, general plan, information and analytical and others) through comparison and coordination of objects and documents of systems.


Among documents of technical electronic archive are:


  • Design, budget documentation;
  • Working, executive documentation;
  • Operational documentation;
  • Results of diagnostics and examinations;
  • Factory documentation
  • Regulations of work and operation rules.


With documents of technical electronic archive treat functions of the  interaction module:


  • binding of IS objects  with an electronic archive of documents;
  • transition between documents of electronic archive and technical data passports of the equipment;
  • viewing of the list of the documents stored in electronic archive from the passport of object of IS;
  • search and localization of  the object on the map or general plan  during the work in system of electronic archive.

If there is no electronic archive systems at the enterprise, access to design and budget documentation is provided from passports, with the ability to store the basic design and operation information in a tab of media materials of passports.

Metadata maintenance


Metadata management module is intended for supporting and modification the structure of system technical data, the addition of new or adjustment of the existing facilities of the enterprise system, its characteristics, expansion and updating of the dictionary meanings (thesaurus) of objects attributes.


The functions of the module are:


  • Displaying of technological objects' list;
  • Displaying of metadata structure in the form of the classifier technological objects;
  • Creating / deleting / editing of object;
  • Creating / deleting / editing of object attributes;
  • Creating / deleting / editing of links between objects;
  • Creating / deleting / editing of thesaurus and its possible values.

The module performs the functions of managing the metadata structure, automation linking processes, as well as the interaction of spatial and technological information.


Metadata maintenance function is an automated software tool that provides the description of the structure of the enterprise technological facility, the attributive structure and relationships between objects. Control, addition and editing these data, the analysis of structure and interrelations of enterprise technological objects is performed.

Maintenance of reference data (thesaurus)


Centralized maintenance of reference data is necessary to unify the reference values ​​used in the system. Reference values (thesaurus) is checked by system functional ​​for compliance with applicable standards, which is an important requirement for improving the quality of generated reports and analysis system.


Administration of reference data allows to manage (edit, add, delete and combine) thesaurus and its values​.


The system supports the installation of ban on the use of reference values, which can be used in the loss of relevance of thesaurus values and allows to stop the subsequent use in the system without removing it, to prevent data loss. If necessary, the values of thesaurus can be combined using the same name and function of selecting value for the association.

Organizational structure of the enterprise maintenance


A well-designed organizational structure of the company - a key pledge of the enterprise success and its sustainable development. The lack of a clear allocation of responsibilities, the distribution of specific functions among employees negatively affects efforts to achieve the goals.


We offer in our system a functional solution that allows to follow the hierarchical structure of business units, employee information, and assign access to the data within its territorial jurisdiction and work responsibilities​.


The organizational structure is presented in the form of tables that display information about all departments, employees, and company positions. In the case of changes of the enterprise staffing structure system allows to modify, add or delete table records.

Maintaining of facility e-forms on mobile devices


The mobile applications that developed for mobile devices has recently become more and more in demand in the industry. You can work with the local database functionality, synchronizing data with the server if you have access to the Internet, regardless of their location.


The MobilePassport module which realizes the following functions is developed for interactive work with technical passports of production objects:


  • display of objects in the form of dynamically formed tree;
  • search of object in a DB on the set condition;
  • transition to the list of selected passports and to the separate passport;
  • interactive editing of passports and synchronization with a DB;
  • interactive addition of the media materials grouped in folders;
  • identification of the equipment of a DB on a bar code and automatic transition to the passport;
  • transition from the facility passport to its display on the map with localization in the established scale.
Technical passport of the objects on a mobile
Interactive addition of the media materials
Image of a well construction on a mobile device
Displaying an object on the mobile device's map

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