Business breakfast “Prepare the winning tender offer”

January 31, 2018 in #PeregaSpace took place a Business breakfast "Prepare the winning tender offer" with representatives of organizations-participating in public procurement through the system ProZorro.

The purpose of the meeting this is the competent preparation of tender documents, changes in the regulatory framework, information systems ProZorro.


Business - breakfast brought together 5 speakers who revealed the following topics:


  • facilitating the work of the business in the ProZorro system through IT improvements wich have been implemented already and which are planned in early 2018;
  • how to prepare for the tender: features of drawing up and formation of tender documentation;
  • tender guarantees;
  • common mistakes of novice participants taking part in the contest - customer feedback;
  • successes in ProZorro system from a business representative.

Business breakfast left a good aftertaste of the right cooked and presented topic.

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