Digital three-dimensional model of a compressor station at the Yarakta oil and gas condensate field Development

The IT-Transit company, together with partners, carried out work on the development of the digital three-dimensional model of the Compressor station DCS-3 (first stage) for transporting and pumping associated petroleum gas into the reservoir at the Yarakta oil and gas condensate field of "Irkutsk Oil Company" LLC, Russia

We have performed work on parametric modeling of DKS-3 equipment and systems for all sets of working design documentation: technology, construction, architecture, automation, energy and other systems.

Modeling is executed with the maximum equipment details from basic industrial facilities to separate pipes and welded joints, fittings and foundations, with the simulation of the actual shapes and dimensions of each part.

Technical semantic passports with the basic information  have been formed  for all  model equipment, which is needed for the manufacture of parts, its mounting and parametric calculations.


The resulting model made it possible to identify all collisions and non-joins between the individual sets of the project.

At the same time, modern construction technologies make it possible to order at factories or to manufacture on automatic installations of construction sites a fairly large part of construction and technological equipment (in particular, welding of pipe production lines). The information three-dimensional model of equipment parts in a specialized format is used for this purposes.


The generated three-dimensional model is represented by the following technological objects of the Compressor station:
  • Gas air cooling 1-2 stages
  • Gas air cooling 1-3 stages
  • Gas piping of GPU module
  • Connection nodes to UPN
  • Pressure loop nodes
  • Playground of waste candles
  • Gas for own use
  • Nitrogen installation
  • Operator with check point
  • Oil facilities
  • Compressed Air Compressor
  • Tanks for the collection of high-pressure gas purification products
  • Warehouse spare parts GPA

The ready-made model is transferred to factories producing parts and technological equipment, as well as to builders for construction and installation works. After construction, the model will be transferred to the enterprise operation service as a complete, full-fledged DKS equipment database.

Work on three-dimensional modeling and filling semantics was carried out in the Autodesk Revit software package, which is designed to develop a BIM model (Building Information Model) and issue documentation at the stages of design and working documentation.  Navisworks software can be used to view and work with the model.
Similar projects will be useful for oil and gas companies that intensively implement information support methodologies for the processes of supporting the life cycle of objects from commercial offer and design, to construction, operation and decommissioning.
The existing software tools for parametric modeling of objects allow to design all of technological complex systems particularly, put in models its technical and operational characteristics and get the calculation of technological functionality, basic loads, etc., directly before construction, and, if any problems - to make changes to the project immediately.

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