Specialists of the "IT-TRANSIT" company together with the partners of PJSC "IVP" VNIPITRANSGAZ "carried out engineering-geological and engineering-geodetic surveys for the development of design and working documentation for the object of "GS-Tymofiyivka councils Reconstruction of the Hadyach district of Poltava region ", Branch of GPU "Poltavagazvydobuvannya", JSC "Ukrgazvydobuvannya".

The project envisages reconstruction of GS-Tymofiyivka designing of a nitrogen station for pumping high-pressure nitrogen into productive horizons, reconstruction of technological equipment, power supply networks and measuring pointі in the territory of GS-Tymofiyivka , drilling for engineering and geological characteristics of soils in the area where the designed structures are located (well with a depth of at least 10 m, two wells with a depth of at least 5 m).


Engineering-geodetic surveys include the next works:


  • forming a situational plan for the location of objects within the established limits with the placement of all sites, routes of engineering networks, settlements located nearby (with the distance to them) within a radius of 1000m from the compressor department;
  • topographic survey of sites within the limits defined in the scheme of the general plan, in coordinate system of 63 or USC-2000 and the absolute altitude system;
  • formation  digital terrain model based on mapping layers;
  • coordinate the angles of existing objects and structures, road axes, routes of underground, terrestrial and above-ground networks;
  • determination of the location of individual projector masts with and without lightning rods on the GS-Tymofiyivka general plan;
  • providing a scheme indicating the exhaust pipes, blowers, candles, fans, determining their heights and anchors;
  • determination of the system of underground grounding (horizontal strips and vertical earthing) near the existing site of the gantry crane;
  • execution of a scale plan of the engineering network (M 1: 500), accuracy of the spatial position of the elements (situational plan - M 1: 5000, topographic survey of the sites M 1: 500);
  • obtaining owners' approvals for the correctness and compliance of all existing utilities in the shooting area;
  • formation of reporting materials on the results of surveys.


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