Execution of works on the development of project documentation for the object: “Reconstruction of the compressor station “Dolyna-2″ in the Kaluska district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region”

In February 2023 on the basis of the contract with JSC IVP VNIPITRANSGAZ, the company's employees carried out the updating of engineering-geodetic and engineering-geological surveys for the development of project documentation (stage "Project") for the object "Reconstruction of the compressor station "Dolyna-2" in the Kaluska district in Ivano-Frankivsk region".

The reconstruction site is located on the existing territory of the Dolyna industrial site, which is located in the Kaluska district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region and belongs to the Bogorodchansk LVUMG LLC "GTS Operator of Ukraine".


The work was carried out on the basis of technical tasks for the implementation and updating of engineering-geodetic and engineering-geological surveys in the conventional coordinate system of 1963. and in the Baltic system of heights in 1977.

Within the scope of topographical and geodetic works

was performed:

  • collection and analysis of existing cartographic materials for the works site;
  • examination of starting geodetic points for their preservation: the state of external signs, centers, their external design and the possibility of using them as starting points for performing topographical and geodetic surveys are determined;
  • the plan-elevation reference geodetic base of the Dolynsky PM is used, which is represented by points of polygonometry and benchmarks, the coordinates of which are determined with the accuracy of polygonometry of the 2nd degree;
  • topographic survey of objects of the Dolynsky PM in M 1:500 with a relief section of 0.5 m;
  • examination of all technological objects that are part of the reconstruction object - coordinated corners of existing buildings and structures, road axes, routes of underground, above-ground and above-ground networks, searchlight masts. For existing buildings and structures, engineering networks, the technical characteristics have been specified: purpose, height of searchlight masts, materials, diameters of pipelines, parameters of the working environment, number of wires, etc.;
  • photographing all areas, technological elements, overpasses, buildings and other objects of the Dolynsk PM.

Upon completion of the engineering and geodetic works, a Technical Report was drawn up, a situational plan for the location of the "Dolyna-2" CS in M 1:5000 and a plan of the "Dolyna-2" CS in a scale of 1:500 were formed.



According to the results of geodetic surveys:

- a situational plan M 1: 5,000 was created with the location of objects, with the drawing of all sites, routes of engineering networks, settlements located nearby, borders of land plots with their cadastral numbers, borders of agricultural lands and green spaces;
- a topographic plan of the reconstruction of the industrial site was created in M 1:500 within the limits specified in the technical task.


In the process of carrying out topographic and geodetic works, the completeness and reliability of the plan of underground and above-ground communications was agreed with the representatives of Dolyna PM Bogorodchansky LVUMG LLC "Operator of GTS of Ukraine".

Among topological and geological works


  • clarification of the engineering and geological conditions of the studied area, namely: lithological structure, hydrogeological conditions, the presence of unfavorable physical and geological processes and phenomena, the composition and physical and mechanical properties of soils;
  • performed a complex of works to determine geomorphological, hydrogeological and engineering-geological conditions: 3 (three) engineering-geological wells with a depth of 10.0 m were drilled, from which samples were taken to determine classification indicators and physical and mechanical properties of soils;
  • selection of groundwater samples to determine optimal humidity, optimal density, to determine the level of groundwater.

As a result of processing the field description of exploratory wells, a soil classification was provided according to DBN B.2.1-10-2009, a description of the object was formed with a display of soil numbers according to the complexity of development, geological and lithological structure, depth of soil freezing, level of groundwater and aquifers, geophysical data on the specific electrical resistance of rocks (RES), detection of unfavorable physical and geological processes (subsiding soils, chalk karst, landslides), systematized and calculated laboratory tests of soils, chemical analysis of soils and water.


According to the results of the comprehensive searches, the project envisages the construction of a new compressor workshop on the territory of the Dolyna industrial site, consisting of 4 free-standing units (3 works + 1 res.) of modern gas turbine power plants with electric start in a block-container design with a capacity of at least 16 MW.



All engineering searches performed at the facility meet the requirements of the technical tasks and other regulatory documents that regulate these types of work and are suitable for further design at the "Project" stage

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