He who owns the information, owns the world (с)

The article was published on the internal portal of the Naftogaz Group on December 2019 and posted on the website with the consent of the authors.


We are fortunate to live in the incredible revolutionary era of digital transformation and to witness the explosive development of technology, in the direction of which none of the production and service sectors, in particular, the oil and gas, remain. Information in the modern world is a new oil, a new fuel for software algorithms and business processes. Ignoring this fact makes development impossible, makes any company insolvent to compete and win.


A significant event for our Company took place in 2019: the Naftogaz Group’s Information Technology Strategy and the 2019-2023 Transformation Roadmap were approved, and determined the list of key projects aimed at transforming the Group’s enterprises, in particular, Ukrgasvydobuvannya, into a high-tech business adequate to the challenges of digital modernity. The construction of a modern production data management system, which is an important component of the Strategy, should lay a solid foundation for the implementation of effective business processes, the deployment of big data analytical tools and machine learning, the importance of which is difficult to overestimate for modern hydrocarbon production and processing.


At the moment, we will talk about the prototype of the information management system for managing data on ground infrastructure facilities.


What is such a system for? First of all, it should form a powerful digital knowledge base that will ensure the preservation and provision of complete, reliable information about the production facilities of our enterprise, its technical, diagnostic, operational and spatial characteristics.


Instead of disparate, poorly managed, and therefore often irrelevant paper and electronic documentation, we get a single information space that contains data on objects and equipment arranged in a hierarchical structure, including:


  • detailed passports with characteristics based on processed classifiers and reference books;
  • spatial description, display of technological schemes on a map, work with the land cadastre and the provision of tools for working with spatial data (search, construction of routes, longitudinal profile of pipelines, spatial analysis, etc.);
  • maintenance of production regulatory technical documentation.


The formation of such a knowledge base will allow to:


  • automate workflow process, in particular, to move from paper-based logging of operations activities and survey results to electronic;
  • link operational data in the passports of objects and locations on maps and diagrams;
  • perform analytics and generate reports based on passport, spatial and operational data;
  • automate complex production processes, in particular, assess the predicted technical condition of facilities, on the basis of which plans for maintenance and repair should be carried out.


Access to authorized users should be provided not only from their workplaces, but also from mobile devices.


Owing to the coordinated work of the cross-functional team, which combined the efforts of IT, production divisions of the branches, as well as the departments of security, metrology, instrumentation and automation, ground infrastructure, we were able to deploy a working prototype of the information management system (IMS) in a fairly short time, conduct piloting and formulate a detailed terms of reference, which contains complex requirements. The prototype will function over the next year and will allow to evaluate how the IMS may work. Next will be  the stage of initiating a complex, but very interesting project, which will significantly optimize technological data, functions and processes and take a decisive step into a new digital reality.

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