The victory of IT-TRANSIT LLC ended a multi-stage competition held by the DTEK Grids holding for its own Operators of Distribution Systems (oblenergos) for the creation and implementation of a unified corporate Geographic Information System for power grids. Today the Holding includes five operators of distribution systems (ODS) who will use the created GIS in production tasks:

  • DTEK Kyiv Grids;
  • DTEK Kyiv Region Grids;
  • DTEK Dnipro Grids;
  • DTEK Donetsk Grids;
  • DTEK Odesa Region Grids; 

as well as the Group's own companies -


  • DTEK Power Grids;
  • DTEK Energougol ENE.

This project for Ukraine is quite ambitious and significant in terms of the functional load and the amount of data that is planned to be involved in the integration management in the created GIS. In total, the system should ensure the management of spatial and technical information about 182.5 thousand km of power lines and 45 thousand substations/transformer substations, which transmit more than 58 billion kWh of electricity for 5.5 million users of Ukraine.


According to the terms of the tender, the supplier had to demonstrate the maximum readiness of the existing GIS software for power grids, which had to be at least 60% of the functions declared in the Technical task, and confirm the success of its implementation in the corporate segment at companies similar in scale to the OCP of DTEK Grids holding.

Among the main tasks of the future Geographic Information System, it is necessary to highlight:


  • Technical certification of objects and equipment of power grids DSO;


  • Management of spatial data of objects of power grids and objects of their environment (both for internal production tasks of enterprises and as an information geoportal for external users);
  • Information and analytical tasks of the analysis of the technical condition of facilities from power grid;



  • Technological document flow for managing operational data with reporting automation;


  • Mobile applications for working with spatial and passport-technical information of electrical network objects for use in the field during their examination and repair;



  • Integration of GIS with existing enterprise systems ERP, SCADA, billing, transport monitoring and others;



  • Migration of data from historical GIS into a single corporate System.


All work on adaptation, configuration, implementation and trial operation of the Geographic Information System of power grids must be completed (including the supply of hardware and software server capacities) within 2 years, by the end of 2022.


LLC "IT-TRANSIT" has extensive experience in the implementation of such corporate systems of the network direction and will ensure the successful creation and implementation of the GIS DTEK Grids holding.

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