IT-TRANSIT LLC together with the partner of PJSC "Engineering and Production Enterprise" VNIPITRANSGAZ "won the tender for the reconstruction of the compressor station "Dykanka" Lubny LPM MG and will perform a set of engineering and geodetic and engineering and geological surveys for the development of design documentation (stage of feasibility study).

Reconstruction of CS "Dykanka" is part of a group of strategic infrastructure projects for the development of the gas transmission network of Ukraine, which is currently being implemented by LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine.

CS "Dykanka" (together with CS "Yagotyn") perform the largest volume of gas transportation work, pumping gas from Ukrainian production to consumers of Kyiv and Kyiv region. Also, these stations are used to transport Ukrainian gas to the complex of western underground storage facilities of Ukraine.


The reconstruction site is located on the existing territory of CS "Dykanka" (Poltava region) with a productivity of up to 38 million m3/day.

The project provides for the development and justification of the following options for the reconstruction of СS "Dykanka":


  • Replacement of the installed GPA on the existing industrial site of KS on modern gas turbine GCU with electric start.
  • Construction of a new compressor shop on the territory of the LPMMG industrial site free of construction from free-standing with modern gas turbine GCUs with electric start.


  • Construction of a new shop on the territory of the LPMMG industrial site free of construction from free-standing with modern gas turbine GCUs with electric start.


  • Replacement of the installed GPAs on the existing industrial site of KS on modern electric GCUs.


The full complex of engineering surveys (field and cameral, including laboratory, works) must be completed within a specified 60 days, which requires clear planning and coordinated execution of all stages of work with the involvement of a highly qualified team of specialists.

Engineering and geodetic surveys consisted of:

  • formation of a situational plan for the placement of facilities within the established limits with the location of all sites, routes of engineering networks, settlements located nearby (indicating the distances to them) within a radius of 1000 m from the compressor shop and drawing the boundaries of land plots and their numberі according to land cadastre;
  • topographic survey of sites within the limits defined on the scheme of the general plan in SC 63 and the absolute system of heights;
  • formation of a digital terrain model based on cartographic layers;
  • coordination of corners of existing objects and constructions, axes of roads, routes of underground, above-ground and above-ground networks;
  • determining the location of individual searchlighting masts with and without lightning receivers;
  • execution in the survey strip of a large-scale plan of engineering networks (M 1: 500), accuracy of the spatial position of the elements (situational plan - M 1: 5000, topographic survey of sites M 1: 500);
  • obtaining approvals of owners about correctness and compliance of all existing engineering networks in the survey area;
  • photographing of technological objects of CS.

Engineering and geological surveys included:

  • conducting engineering and geological survey of the territory;
  • drawing of exploration wells on the plan m 1.500 and coordination with representatives of the operating organization;
  • removal to nature by instrumental methods of wells agreed and placed on the plan;
  • drilling with a drilling unit, the type of which satisfies the performance of drilling works in accordance with the terms of reference and regulations. In the presence of soils of a steady consistence holding a working wall - penetration without casings is possible;
  • implementation of drilling of exploration wells with sampling of soil and water in accordance with the requirements of the technical task and DBN A.2.1-1-2008 "Engineering surveys for construction".

  The works accomplished in due time according to the contractual documentation, proper quality and in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Task.

Of final of the works, a Technical Report will be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the current regulatory and technical documentation.

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