IT-TRANSIT LLC has effectively closed the first stage of the contract with JSC Latvijas Gaze



IT-TRANSIT LLC has effectively closed the first stage of the contract on GIS adds design services for the operation site "Incukalns Underground Gas Storage" (IUGS).

Works included into this stage are divided as follows:


  • Range of works aimed to represent copyright used in electronic and hard copy products of IUGS GIS. Copyright mark is represented on the system screen form, and while import of graphic information into jpg, pdf formats.
  • Meeting the IUGS GIS users’ needs for extension of its functional.

Upon the industrial operation of the system, geology service specialists formulated their wishes for extended functional of borehole log outlining module, displayed objects and updating design of their graphic symbols.


IT-TRANSIT LLC has developed and coordinated Technical Project on IUGS GIS Adds Design and Amendments to Classifier of IUGS GIS Objects Technological Information, whereupon the program will be designed which will enable interactivity of the updated elements on a map and control of quantity completeness of the borehole technological object passports.


Under this contract, module of outlining extended object longitudinal profile was also updated in compliance with the requirements and standards of the enterprise.

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