The "IT-Transit" company, together with the partners, began work on a project to create a technical condition and integrity management system (TC&IMS) of «UKRTRANSNAFTA» JSC oil trunk pipelines. On September 25 and 27, constituent meetings were held with representatives of "ROSEN Europe B.V." and «UKRTRANSNAFTA» JSC, presents the composition and methods of collecting and processing information about main oil pipelines, and methods of production interaction are discussed.

The "IT-TRANSIT" company undertook obligations to carry out over 11 months a block of work on technical certification of oil pipelines for the purpose of filling the information system of TC&IMS of main oil pipelines (MOP), that are operated by «UKRTRANSNAFTA» JSC, namely: collection, systematization, processing of passport technical, spatial, diagnostic and operational information. 


The next oil pipelines are included in this project: 


  • TOP Mozur-Brody I & II threads (DN700);
  • TOP Brody-State border I & II threads (DN500 и DN700).


The scope of work includes a description of the linear part of the above TOP with a total length of 1,410 km in single-line execution laid by the territories of Zhytomyr, Rivne, Khmelnitsky, Ternopol, Lviv and Transcarpathian regions of Ukraine.

УТН, ROSEN Europe B.V.

The main stages of work is:


  • Collection and systematization of source data, filling out data collection templates: passport-technical, diagnostic and operational information about TOP
    • The field stage of the collection and systematization of data on TOP objects
    • Office stage of information processing and filling in database templates
  • Spatial description of TOP and their objects, drawing the boundaries of the protection zone and the formation of a basic linear coordinate system of the TOP sections
  • Identification and positioning of natural and man-made objects as reference points for the coordinate reference of the objects of the LP TOP within the buffer zone based on aerospace data

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