Journey to Everest


Further success: the line of 8000 meters was overcome by our director Anatoly Mikhaylenko when climbing to the highest peaks of the world Everest - Lhotse peak.

Sincerely congratulations on the successful ascent and descent, getting a dose of adrenaline and impressions, discovering new horizons and yourself.

We are proud and admire your stamina and fortitude!

Восхождение на Эверест-Пик Лхоцзе

 Lhotse peak, which in translation from Tibetan means "Southern peak",- a pyramidal mountain with three peaks: Lhotse Main (8501 m.), Lhotse East (8414 m), Lhotse Shar (8386 m.), and the fourth eight-thousandth world, which is located on the Sino-Nepalese border, in three kilometers south of Everest. Above Lhotse on the Earth, only the mountains of Jomolungma (Everest) - 8848 m, Pogori - 8611 m and Kanchenjunga - 8586 m.


This massif is difficult  of crystalline rocks - granites, gneisses and shales, covered with thick layers of glacial ice, somewhere intermittent  with plots of a tightly clingy, perennial layer of crystallized snow. The slopes of the Lhotse walls are incredibly steep, and the probability of avalanches is high here. What makes climbing to the top is even more extreme and dangerous.



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