On September 4, the DJI Enterprise Roadshow took place in Kiev, where spokesman of IT-Transit LLC made a presentation on the practical use of UAV technologies in the oil and gas industry.



This is the first of DJI events series in Ukraine, which featured specialized drone solutions for a wide variety of business aspects. The latest DJI technology innovations, industry-leading solutions, practical cases, and market examples. The event became the most important event of the unmanned industry in Ukraine.

The event was hosted by DJIDroneUA was a partner and organizer which is the official importer and distributor of DJI, Dji Enterprise and DJI Agriculture technologies in Ukraine.


The event brought together representatives of Ukrainian and foreign companies already using drones in their work or planning to implement UAV technologies. Speakers - representatives of the largest enterprises of Ukraine shared successful cases of the use of unmanned technologies, discussed mistakes in work and opportunities that open drones for business.

DJI's most up-to-date exposure was available to visitors of the event. After lectures and presentations, a demonstration of DJI Enterprise's industrial solutions was presented to gain experience for their business, improve their own business performance.



Report presented by the Director of IT-Transit LLC, Anatoly Mykhaylenko was about the ways of using unmanned shooting technologies in the oil and gas industry, which allow to improve the efficiency of monitoring the status of routes, the efficiency of responding to emergencies, the likelihood of making management decisions in the operation of long-distance objects of the enterprise:

  • Formation of a spatial database as one of the main data sources;
  • Production modeling of complex technological objects due to high precision UAV shooting;
  • Status monitoring - shooting of protected areas and assessment of the condition, disturbances and adverse changes in vegetation and relief;
  • Performing analytical calculations and assessing the impact of the environment on the facilities based on the results of multiple surveys, taking into account hazards and damages in case of negative situation;
  • Emergency response, consists in the immediate shooting of the site of the accident to assess the level of damage, localization and identification of access roads in the organization of liquidation works.

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