Management system of technical condition and integrity of the MP linear part

Management system of technical condition and integrity of the MP linear parf of main pipelinesis intended for performance a comprehensive evaluation of the pipeline condition, assessment of the risks of possible economic consequences and damages, as well as to determine the level of priority objects, when performing impact of activities which will be provided with the level of increase reliability and safe operation of the pipeline.


Mentioned  functionds are reached with following modules:

Risk and consequences of damage assessment


Accidents on  MGP caused by leakage and ignition of gas under high pressure, pose a serious risk to personnel, equipment and the environment. The system allows you to calculate the value and assess the possible negative consequences.

Management system of technical condition and integrity of the MP linear part, accident on main pipeline with gas leakage
Calculation of damage caused by the accident at a pipeline

Spatial analysis in the assessment of damage


  • Specifying conditions of spatial analysis:

- The number and range of analysis areas

- Description of the site and select of style to display

- Method of providing analysis results


  • Selecting objects on the map in the radius of the analyzed site
  • Grouping objects on buffer zones
  • Localization of objects on the map and  transition to its passport from the spatial analysis results table
Spatial analysis in the assessment of damage
Criteria for spatial analysis in assessing damage
The style of information display at spatial analysis
Method of providing spatial analysis results

Evaluation of pipeline reliability


Reliability of MGP operation  is estimated by probability of system  lack of refusal for a certain term of operation


Automation  of enterprise activities that carry out safe operation of MGP is provided with information support of the following processes:


  • assessment of integrated level of enterprise pipeline transport system reliability
  • evaluation of the individual sections and MGP facility reliability level
  • assessment of pipelines destructions and equipment failures possible consequences
  • forming of the optimal composition of repairs, taking into account the reliability of the company gas transportation system (GTS), limits on the allocated resources and the required modes of transportation

Algorithms of calculations and assessing of MGP reliability are determined based on the following standards:


  • Research effort "Development of Management system of MGP LP technical condition and integrity by UGS JSC "Gazprom"
  • STO Gazprom 2-2.3-351-2009 Guidelines for risk analysis of hazardous production facilities of gas transmission companies of JSC "Gazprom"
  • STO Gazprom 2-2.3-253-2009 Methods of the technical condition and integrity of the pipelines assessing
  • STO Gazprom 2-2.3-112-2007 Guidelines to assess operability sites of pipelines with corrosion defects
  • The concept of management of JSC "Gazprom“ GTS facilities technical condition and integrity with the task of gas transportation.

Failure probability  estimating


For a comprehensive analysis and assessment of possible incidents risks on the basis of calculation algorithms single-line diagrams are used which display:


  • surrounding objects of MGP;
  • defects detected during PIGI on the pipe by severity rating levels : critical, High, medium, low,
  • defects location on the pipe;
  • longitudinal profile of MGP;
  • the level of failure probability for each km of the route, as high, medium and low. Display coefficient of failure probability at the cursor.
 Single-line diagrams for the integrated assessment of pipeline condition

Calculating of repair cost


On the basis of data on pipe technical condition , set of risks and the appointed optimum methods of defects repair (which are marked out as inadmissible in compliance to the concrete standard and the mode of transportation) approximate calculation of volume and cost of repair work on the pipeline is made. The cost of works is estimated on the basis of the integrated cost parameters of pipes repair of various diameter and category entered into system, and also repair method.


For more precise calculation of cost indexes of pipeline site repair the data on necessary repair work volumes can be transferred to the enterprise ERP-system and  calculated by it.


All information on the performed repair work is recorded in system. By results of repairs the system automatically updates information on the performed works and the eliminated defects that allows to count technical condition of the pipeline and to increase the level of its reliability.

System for calculation of repair cost MGP

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