Metering equipment accounting system

The informational metering equipment accounting system provides production and management activities automation of meteorological services in order to rise the production processes organization.

The system allows accompany the planning and registration procedures for work related to maintenance and metrological control, repair and putting into an operation of new measuring instruments, preparation of graphic and technical information on instrumentation equipment.

Accounting of the measuring instruments characteristics


Effective equipment condition control gives information about the depreciation degree, allows decision concerning the replacement, repair or extension of its service life. It is very important is to analyse and plan the implementation technical maintenance and repair of equipment on its condition, and not on schedule.


In the Metrological accounting system all the information about the measuring instrument (MI), its condition, characteristics, video surveillance, etc. stored as an MI passport. For the working convenience with passport information, it is divided into logical blocks, each of which has its own typical MI characteristics.

 Image of the metrological accounting system

System of metrological support and accounting (7.2 mb)

A convenient toolkit allows to produce MI search by serial number, search by the attribute value of the MI group, adding and deleting, view, editing and analysis technical and operational information about the MI. Update and actualization information in the measuring instrument passport are made both manually and automatically according to the rules electronic system workflow and the filling of relevant operational documentation. The information is presented in the a form separate passport window of a specific measuring instrument, as well as in a list form a instances totalities of measuring instruments. In the list form contains tools for filtering by MI attributes, as well as grouping by the selected attribute.


Objects passports contain technical information about the MI type, its state, characteristics, kind of control and etc. The MI Passport stores the complete history of changes, data on the planning and execution of works on the maintenance and control of the MI contained in the relevant electronic operational documentation (Lists, Journals, Charts, etc.). Additionally, in passports can be stored an unlimited amount of technologically personalized multimedia information: photographs, scanned original documents, including factory passports, operational forms, survey data, verification certificates, and more.


The specific measuring instrument can be localized from its passport on the object technological sсheme or the principal placement sсheme of the metrological equipment.

Measuring instrument localization on the technological scheme
Adding documents to the technological MI passport

Planning and fixing the metrological control results (verification, calibration, certification)


Holding metrological control at an enterprise, which has in the MI presence, is a mandatory procedure.


For the purpose of timely and high-quality performance of work on metrological support, make the best use production capabilities and uniform current workload specialists of the metrological service, in the system implemented functionality of documents electronic viewing at all stages of their compilation, verification and approval.


Using a convenient toolkit, automated work planning of the metrological enterprise service: list formation, annual and monthly check schedules, MI calibration. In the plans is reflected the whole complex of works, scheduled for the planned period, with specific deadlines and responsible performers.


The system allows to automatically forming a documents package for the organization-verifier on the fact sent meteorological devices with the ability to print. According to the documents package obtained from verification, the verification results are entered into the system and automatically updated in the corresponding electronic operational documentation, including in the passports of measuring instruments.


All the repair work results, as well as the change of the technical MI condition, are recorded in the measuring instruments passports and this operational history can always be viewed and analyzed.

Schedules formation of the metrological service SI
Сonsignment note for the organization-verifier to send MI in verification

Accounting for measuring instruments repair


All the repair work results, as well as changes in technical MI state are recorded in the measuring instruments passports and this operational history can always be view and analyze.


The system allows to form a actual MI list, scheduled for repair, formed for a year on a signed request for control (including all data on unscheduled requests), which is automatically updated when forming and signing a new request.

Formation of reporting documentation


In the system "Metrology" implemented specialized functionality, which allows to perform tasks of operational-reporting workflow, namely to keep records:


  • on new devices registration;
  • on measuring instrument movement;
  • on cost calculation of verification and calibration;
  • on presence and condition of the measuring instrument;
  • on precious metals presence in the measuring instrument;
  • on control executing of verification and calibration schedules.

Using the system tools can view the journal entries list, sort the journal entries list, setting filters to generate a journal entries list, delete and edit journal entries (in available documents), export to Microsoft Excel format, print.


Based on the role assigned in the system (by analyzing the account), a user with the right to sign can to vise a document, and also automatically receive reminders about the priority tasks for the implementing regulatory procedures of a workflow: forming document, its verification or approval.


Work with journals, acts and other documents is performed as primary data entry, reports are generated automatically based on the operational documentation results.

Formatting reporting documentation of the metrological service

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