Release of commercial Rikom version

The company IT-TRANSIT together with the partners released next commercial version of the reckoning analytical complex "RIKOM Water supply".


The new version of the reckoning and information complex, 1.7.3, includes the following revisions:

  • Export and import of  Rikom closed format with the ability to transfer data from old to new Rikom version with saving data by projects, including historical cuts, calculations data, multimedia, DB settings, raster and vector base-map, qgs document
  • Distribution of access rights to system functions by roles
  • Adding new algorithms for network calculations taking into account the indicators of the largest and the least load, taking into account consumed and maximum allowable expenses in the network (by Emiter), with calculations additional parameters on the Pumping stations modes
  • Optimization of passports speed operation and data entry
  • Optimization of the type change tool for the existed object, combining the network linear sections
  • Eliminating the possibility of duplication of object's IDs
  • Parallel network editing by system users
  • Undo operation, including parallel network editing by different users
  • Interactivity piezometric graphic with  transition on the map and the passport of the object
  • Logging of backup copying and  export procedures

This complex includes a calculated ( network modeling, hydraulic calculations, calculation results analysis, analytical data visualization) and informational (creating a raster and vector base-map, connecting data from open sources, network objects certification, search and build queries) blocks.


Advantages of Rikom - systematization and consolidation of all data in a single complex with the possibility of daily data updating; optimal mode creation of networks operation with the help of hydraulic modeling; selection correct input data for the network objects design and the technical specifications issuance for connecting new customers; interaction establishment between enterprise divisions (of technical maintenance department, dispatch department, chief engineer); management automation technological processes of the enterprise.

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