Release of the commercial version RIKOM Water supply

IT-Transit LLC company together with partners has released the commercial version of the reckoning and information complex "RІКОМ Water supply ", and continues to develop the other engineering networks.

Reckoning and information complex (RIKOM) development for the construction and visualization of the engineering networks mathematical model, objects certification, perform of hydraulic calculations and results analysis, emergency situations modeling, has a decision on copyright registration for software. RIKOM has a decision on copyright registration for software.


RIKOM is a functional platform and user environment, developed in the client-server three-part architecture as a specialized application information system based on “open-source” software technologies that serve as a medium for the software system to work and distribute their own licenses. The client part of the calculation and information complex was built as an application based on the QGIS geoinformation editor, where for the hydraulic calculations the software product EPANET is used.


The user workstation is a QGIS desktop application with specialized extensions for creating a network, entering passports and performing calculations.

This complex includes reckoning and information blocks, which have the following main functions:


  • reckoning block: network modeling, hydraulic calculations, analysis of the calculation results, visualization of analytical data;
  • information block: raster and vector base-map formation, connection of data from open sources, certification of network objects, search and queries build.

RIKOM has several advantages:


  • systematization and combining all data in a single complex with the daily update possibility;
  • networks optimal operating mode creation with the help of a hydraulic modeling;
  • correctly source data selection for designing network objects and issuance of technical specifications for connecting new customers;
  • correctly establish the interaction of the enterprise departments (maintenance department, dispatch department, chief engineer);
  • management automation of the enterprise technological processes.

The system can integrated with other information systems, such as: ACS TP – in the context of automatic introduction of indicators of measurement and synchronization of data, billing systems – in the context of the exchange of information about consumers. Operating with the system can be executed from desktop and mobile applications.


At this moment active development of the settlement complex for Drainage networks, as well as work optimization and Water supply modules expansion.

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