The IT-Transit company has released an update of the IAS of the OGTSU


In the period from 03/23/2023 to 03/28/2023, the company's specialists updated the IAS of OGTSU.

Among the changes and updates affected by the work, it is worth noting:


  • description and requests of the "One-line diagrams" module;;
  • update of templates "Import of NP survey data" and "Import of detailed electrometric data" of the "Diagnostics" module";
  • setting formulas for autocalculation fields, creating service attributes for autocalculation;
  • calculator settings for calculating fields with entered formulas;
  • performing work on correcting the metadata of the system (in particular, new entities were created, changes were made to selective attributes, and structural links were updated according to the latest Classifier of technical data of LP MG objects);
  • localization settings from object passports to the map.

Upon completion of the work, the development specialists checked all the changes made, as well as selective testing of the basic functions of the system.

Further work continues according to the calendar schedule.

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