Topographic and geodetic works on updating the General plan


IT-Transit company together with its partners, has won a tender on update the general plans for the SIBUR petrochemical group - Sibur-Neftehim JSC, as well as the Biaxplen LTD subsidiary - settlemen Hydrotorf, and carried out a complex of topographic and geodetic works, including field and cameral work on updating and creating general plans for petrochemical plants.

Sibur-Neftehim ОJSC

Actualization and new topographic survey with a total area of ​​74, 68 ha, including the following plots:


  1. Plot No. 1 cable line 110 kV on the KEES-331 project, passing through the territory Sibur-Neftehim JSC with an area of ​​1.07 ha - a correction of the top-plan of 1: 500 scale with the height of the relief section 0.5 m, strip width - 10 m to each side of the outermost cable in the corridor, taking into account existing materials.
  2. Plot No. 2 cable line 110 kV and distribution center 110 kV on the KEES-331 of 4.63 ha – a new survey of 1: 500 scale with a relief section height of 0.5 m, a strip width - 20 m to each side of the outermost cable in the corridor.
  3. Plot No. 3 aerial line 110 kV on the KEES-331 project from Tosol-Sintez switchgear to an Federal Sales Company OSG of 25.92 ha - a new survey of 1: 500 scale with a relief section height of 0.5 m, a strip width - not less than 40 m in each direction from the outermost wire.
  4. Plot No. 4 overpass No. 7 from the fence of the POEiG site and overpass to the Dzerzhinskaya TPP, with an area of ​​27.31 ha - actualization the existing survey of 1: 500 scale with a relief section height of 0.5 m, taking into account existing materials.
  5. Plot No. 5 steam technological overpass from the POEiG site to the PAKiE site, with an area of ​​15.75 ha - a new survey of 1: 500 scale with a relief section height of 0.5 m, a strip width of 25 meters from the steam pipeline axis in each direction.

List of work performed:


  • Preparatory work includes the collection, research and analysis of existing materials and documents
  • Field work includes:

- Field data collection on the spatial position of in-site and out-site engineering structures of the Sibur-Neftehim JSC facilities

- Complex of field topographic and geodetic works


  • The cameral works complex on actualization the general plans of Sibur-Neftekhim JSC includes:

- Processing executed topographic and geodetic works, processing and summarizing the provided segmented cartographic data of territories

- Draft compilation of communication wells, support of power transmission lines and technological trestles cuts, processing digital photography


  • The work results include:

- General plans in the sites digital form of POEiG, PAKiE of scales 1: 500, 1: 2000, 1: 5000

- Consolidated general plan all sites of Sibur-Neftekhim JSC, in-site communications and off-site objects

- Cadastral plans for the territories quarters

- Situational plans for industrial sites, Total Situational Plan for scale

- Plane table territory industrial sites

- Longitudinal tracks profiles of the steam line and cable line

- Albums of wells drafts and cuts technological overpasses

- Technical report on the works performed

Plant "Biaxplen"

Subsidiary of the petrochemical group SIBUR.

Execution of topographic and geodetic works and actualization the general plan of the plant at a scale of 1: 500, with an area of 17.8 ha:


  • Preparatory works on the processing and systematization of data
  • Topographic and geodetic works:

- Reconnaissance of territories

- Creation of a supporting geodesic network (polygonometry 2 digit, IV class levelling)

- Preparatory topographic survey M 1: 500, including survey all buildings and structures, determining the height and laying of communications and an indication of their technical characteristics

- The statement of real estate objects statement formation, coordinates catalog and fixed points heights, schemes of planned and high-altitude justifications, photos and cards of points bookmarks

- Topographies matching with the services of the customer’s engineering networks and network owners


  • Cameral works:

- Processing field survey results

- Land and cadastral works

- Technical report

- Formation of the general plan M 1: 500

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