Training of Ukrtransnafta JSC specialists in ArcGIS Enterprise software stack administration within the MSTCI project implementation framework

As a part of pipeline Management System of technical condition and integrity (MSTCI) of "UKRTRANSNAFTA" JSC project implementation by the  "IT-Transit" LLC specialists was conducted training of "UKRTRANSNAFTA" JSC specialists-technologists and administrators of to work with spatial data, create spatial data structures, improve automation skills and  system administration in terms of spatial data.

The training course included blocks related to the main stages of setting up the landscape and infrastructure of the ArcGIS Enterprise geoinformation stack software set: ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, Web Adapter, Data Store, as well as working directly in the ArcGIS Pro environment for spatial data specialists for the systems of linear binding and data of calculation methods of MSTCI.


The program of training of users included deepening of basic knowledge in work with spatial data (both vector and raster), the basic stages of creation of structures of spatial data which further serve as a basis for creation of industrial geodatabases, improving the skills of automation of geoprocessing processes.


The training unit for administrators consisted of explaining the basics of interaction of ArcGIS Enterprise stack components, discussing specific aspects of landscape configuration (ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, etc.) for optimal operation of geographic information system, deepening skills of spatial database administration, learning new features of Enterprise stack components.
Among the covered issues were security policy settings, access delimitation, geodatabase backups, statistics and compression, versioning, replication and update of geodata, positioning and binding conditions along linear routes, tools for batch processing and formation of data structures, setting up necessary libraries and others.

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