IT-TRANSIT LLC and DroneUA companies had conducted the production testing of  unmanned diagnostics on gas leaks and thermal imaging surveys of equipment for  at technological facilities of Ukraine's main gas pipelines.

These works, to which were involved the specialists of PJSC Ukrtransgaz and LLC Operator of the gas transmission system of Ukraine, demonstrated the capabilities of modern UAV diagnostic technologies and DJI Enterprise industrial solutions, designed to improve the quality and efficiency of the tasks of production units for operating and examining the technical condition of industrial equipment of gas transmission enterprises . The performers, in turn, gained experience in industrial facilities and practical results on the prospects of using specialized equipment in gas transportation.

Gas Leak Inspection Technology



The highly sensitive gas detector U10 based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) allows to quickly identify methane at a distance of up to 100 m from the device at a concentration of up to 5ppm. m, whose operator can be located at a distance of 3 kilometers from the drone. The speed of obtaining data on an excess of methane concentration of 25 ms with obtaining an air survey of the alleged leakage point through a visual camera in 720p resolution.


The ability to lay out and save flight routes, monitor changes in gas concentration over time based on surveys of different times, mark certain points along the flight route (with excess gas concentration), generate audit reports make this tool convenient for use in daily tasks.


You can use DJI platforms equipped with a U10 camera to inspect and maintain facilities such as liquefied natural gas plants, gas storage tanks, and gas pipelines in hard-to-reach places such as mountains or rivers. U10 users can accurately detect and control methane leaks, quickly make informed decisions.

Thermal Imaging Technology


Inspection with a thermal imaging camera mounted on an UAV allows to determine the indicators of heat loss of equipment and communications, latent defects on pipes, insulation failures, flooding of networks, etc. During a test survey at the Compressor Station facility, a Zenmuse XT-S thermal imager revealed equipment operating in high temperature conditions.


One crew of drone operators can inspect from the air up to 50 km  of heating mains per day, with fixing all possible temperature deviations and precise reference to the coordinate system.


The camera with a fast matrix of 25 frames per second, a compact format and a high degree of protection allows to actively use the device even in the most difficult conditions, to see the invisible to the naked eye, to identify the smallest temperature differences, which will solve a variety of problems from energy audits and identifying equipment damage to operational response and search and rescue operations.


Unlike ground surveys, drones provide an opportunity to increase the speed of inspections without loss of quality and with maximum documentation of research results.


Weather-resistant camera Zenmuse XT S allows to get thermal images of high resolution:


  • images format: JPEG 640×512 and R-JPEG 640×512
  • Sensitivity (NETD): ≤40 mk
  • Frame frequency: 25 Hz
  • Pixel pitch: 17 mkm
  • Frame rate: 640/30 frames/s or 336/60 frames/s
  • Degree of protection: IP44
  • Instant temperature alerts in the app DJI Pilot
  • 2x and 4x zoom for transferring small details
  • Setting isolines - temperature range
  • The choice of sensitivity modes for changing the temperature range: high sensitivity for determining temperature differences or low - to cover a wide range of temperatures

The use of these technologies in production will increase the efficiency of monitoring the condition of routes, the responsiveness to emergency situations, the reliability of managerial decisions in the operation of along-route facilities of the enterprise, as well as help assess the condition, presence of violations and adverse changes in vegetation and terrain.


The survey results are recorded in digital form and can serve as the basis for the formation of a unified diagnostic database of the enterprise for the equipment of gas pipelines in its Information-analytical systems.

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