IT-TRANSIT LLC performs works by using the advanced world technologies, and used the hardware and software allow to achieve high quality and professional level results.


The company has licenses to perform topographic and geodetic and cadastral works, as well as certification for operation in hazardous areas, including on existing oil and gas objects.

As developer of software information systems IT-TRANSIT LLC is a partner of Microsoft, Oracle and ESRI.


Since 2007, IT-TRANSIT LLC is an associate member of the international consortium Open Design Alliance, and since 2009 - member of Pipeline Open Data Standard.


In 2010, the IT-TRANSIT LLC became member of International Associations Geospatial Information & Technology Association and NACE International.

Design and development

of information systems, their filling with cartographic, diagnostic and technical data, analytical calculations and simulations is performed on the hardware and software resources of the world's leading manufacturers.


Technologies that used for development

Among the programming languages in which development of software products is conducted are: Flash/Flex, Angular, JavaScript, .Net, Silverlight, Java, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Python.
DBMS are used either commercial: Oracle, Oracle Exadata, MS SQL, SAP HANA, or an open code: PostgreSQL and PostGIS.


Mapping component is implemented on the basis of ArcGIS (Esri), Geoserver (open-source) and is supported by desktop applications ArcMap (Esri), QGIS (open-source).
Also for spatial databases forming, cartographical resources handling and digital terrain models creation program superstructures of Bentley MicroStation products are used: MicroStation Descartes, MicroStation GeoGraphics (Bentley Systems, Inc.), and also Microsoft Visio, AutoCAD, digital photogrammetric station Photomod (ver.4.0, "Racurs").


To perform the preproject , project tasks software of world's leading developers are used: Rational Rose (IBM), SAP PowerDesigner (SAP), ERwin (CA Technologies), Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems), xMind - information modeling, Balsamiq mockups, Adobe Photoshop, Axure - prototypes of screens.
As a repository for the storage, maintenance, formation and exchange of data (internal documentflow) Confluence, MS SharePoint, Mercurial services are used.
To support the objectives of the Customer with automatic notification and description of bug fixing tasks (external documentflow) Redmine, Jira  as well as our own developments for technical support are used.


Software environments for test automation are: Robot framework, PyCharm.
Jenkins, Ant, Gradle, Nexus, Mercurial, Zabbix, VmWare Vsphere, Amazon Glacier and other technologies are used for the modules integration and assembly versions of the system.


Hardware and technical provision,

represented by servers, PCs, laptops, printers, scanners and other office equipment manufacturers Fujitsu-Siemens, Acer, Sony, HP, Dell, Lenovo and others.


Digital copy center Gestetner MP2000LN and plotter HP Designjet Z3200 PS (A0) allow operatively and efficiently produce cartographic, cadastral, topographic, geodesic reporting documentation.

Surveying equipment

Among used surveying equipment modern assembly of route searching, navigation systems, total stations and software for processing field data.

Dual-frequency dual-system equipment of satellite radio-navigation system, satellite radio-navigation system

Set of dual-frequency dual-system of satellite radio-navigation system consisting of two GNSS-receivers GS08 plus and one GNSS-receiver GS10 basic, production by «Leica» (Switzerland).



Total Stations Topcon, technologies

Total Stations Topcon GPT-3002N, GPT-3003N «Siberia» and software

Topcon Linc (Ver.6.04.02) production of Topcon Corporation (Japan).

Frost option with a set of tripods and reflectors.

Total Stations Topcon

Total Stations Topcon GPT-225,

Topcon Linc (Ver.6.04.02) production of Topcon Corporation (Japan).

Digital geodetic level SPRINTER 250M, technologies


Digital geodetic level SPRINTER 250M of firm «Leica» (Switzerland).



Route searching equipment


Package of route searching equipment (locator + generator TX-10) Radiodetection RD-8000 and Radiodetection Cat & Jen production Radiodetection An SPX Company (UK).


Route searching equipment (locator + generator T-10)

Package of route searching equipment (locator + generator T-10) Radiodetection RD-4000 and Radiodetection Cat & Jen production Radiodetection An SPX Company (UK).


Package of GPS-equipment Trimble R3

Package of GPS-equipment Trimble R3 (3 receivers) and software Trimble Geomatic Office (Ver.1.63) production of Trimble Navigation Ltd (USA).

Performing high-precision geodetic measurements by satellite with building GPS-networks.


Among the software to process the results of geodetic measurements, are used the following software packages:


  • The software package «Trimble Business Center», of firm «Trimble» (USA);
  • The software package «Leica Geo Offise 8.2», of firm «Leica» (Switzerland);
  • The software complex «Credo-DAT», of firm "CREDO-DIALOGUE" (Belarus);
  • The software package Sprinter Data Loader, of firm «Leica» (Switzerland);

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