Feedbacks and publications



(report at the VI-th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (PIGF-2016), rus)

Mykhaylenko A.G.

(article in Gazovaya Promyshlennost', Special Issue, – 720/2015, rus)

Alymov S.V., Ivanov Р.Р., Nefedov S.V., Pasechnikov A.N., Karnaukhov M.Y., Redykultsev S.A., Basin M.B., Mykhaylenko A.G., Veremenko I.A.

(article in Gazovaya Promyshlennost', September,N 09/679/2012, rus)

Aksyutyn Рћ.E., РђlС–mov S.V., Ivanov Р†.Рђ., Pasechnikov A.N., Rudenko A.M., Basin M.B., Nefedov S.V., Mykhaylenko A.G.

(article in Scientific Memoirs Tauride National University (a series of "Geography"), Volume 25 (64) N 1, Simferopol, 2012, rus)

Verchenov A.D., Verlan' А.А., Volkodav S.V., Markov A.S., Mykhaylenko A.G, Yanchuk A.V.

(Abstracts in ArcReview (N 3 (58) 2011), rus)

Scherbitskas I., Lyakhova S., Mykhaylenko A.G., Basin M.B., Kupriyanovsky V.P.

(Abstracts of the The newsletter of GIS-Association N1, 2010, rus)

Ivanov I.A., Mosyagin M.V., Rudenko A.M., Basin M.B., Mykhaylenko A.G.

(materials of the 3rd International Practical Conference «Effective solutions to reconstruction and development of main gas pipelines», Almaty-2009)

Klimov P.V., Kuanyshev N.A., Orazov B.K., Mykhaylenko A.G., Yanchuk A.V.

(seminar materials «Ensuring serviceability of pipeline transport systems», Kyiv-2009, rus)

Rudenko A.M., Basin M.B., Mykhaylenko A.G.

(Presentation at the 71st Conference EAGE, 2009)

O.Ivanik, V.Shevchuk, M.Lavrenyuk

(Abstracts of the The newsletter of GIS-Association )

Ivanov I.A., Cherkasskiy V.N., Basin M.B., Mykhaylenko A.G.

(article in Geophysical journal, N1, vol.30, 2008, rus)  

Shevchuk V.V., Ivanik O.M., Lavrenuk V.I., Lavrenuk M.V.

(report at the conference of young specialists of JSC "Gazprom" 2008, rus)

Svitlana Shulik

(Abstracts of the International Conference Strength and reliability of transit pipelines, Kyiv, 2008)

Shevchuk V.V., Ivanik O.M., Lavreniuk M.V., Mykhaylenko A.G.

(article in «Geoinformatics» N1, 2008, ukr)

Ivanik O.M., Lavrenyuk M.V.

(article in «Geoinformatics» N4, 2007, ukr)

Shevchuk V.V., Gorban V.A., Ivanik O.M., Lavrenyuk M.V.

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