Informatization of transport industry

Informatization of technological processes of the transport industry is carried out in a cut of:


  • technical inventory of the transport fleet;
  • informatization of the road network (highways, railways);
  • automation of the transportation process management;
  • informatization support facilities.

A database of road networks should include a description of the semantic characteristics of the roads conditions (intersections, crossing, bridges and others), homogeneous areas, their allowable speed and direction in areas, roads class, level of routes areas provision  with communication, road infrastructure facility (descent, luminosity and other).


Automation of the transportation process management allows  to track the traffic and optimize route when  conditions change, design traffic whith having regard to seasonal and weather terms, changes in the transport stream and in the situation on the road, to optimize high-quality indexes, such as district and technical speeds, productivity and average daily run.


Informatization supporting systems and facility of road infrastructure is to create the database objects , including communication , lighting, fences, conventions, drain and sewer  buildings  and networks, bridge buildings and structure and other.

Informatization of transport industry, informatization of technological processes in the transport industry

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