Document flow systems

Planning of procedural operational and repair actions, control of its performance, formation of operational and reporting documentation between divisions of manufacturing enterprises – that's just a partial list of tasks to be solved by the company implemented an information system technology workflow. System interacts with system of passportization, personifying all operational activity and coordinating it to each concrete engineering object that as a result allows to form history of its maintenance and repairs and to estimate safety and efficiency of objects' functioning.


We study production document flow at the customer, we define the most critical places in which automation considerably will increase quality of divisions' work and their information supplying, we develop and implement systems of technological document flow as on the basis of the existing commercial systems, and using own developments.


With assistance of technical document flow of operational processes there will be an opportunity to form the procedural and adjusted forms of account, at interaction with a logical query builder. Interaction with other information systems with clear differentiation of functional tasks – SCADA, SAP ERP is also possible.

Planning and registration of repair and maintenance actions performance


Module which allows to form in the automated mode schedules of scheduled preventive works, planned and technical works, graphics of work during the autumn and winter period and other production plans is developed for optimization of process of planning of repair actions.


The automated maintaining of works' plans  is carried out by divisions and types of operational actions: inspection, service, repairs, capital repair, diagnostics, etc. At the same time the list of the equipment sorted as elimination of defects by decrease of danger on the basis of earlier carried-out calculations of system analytical modules is formed. If calculations for this type of the equipment weren't carried out, the choice of priority of performance of repair work is made according to the requirements existing at the enterprise.


Due to interaction of modules the possibility of transition to graphic display of the works  planned stages (Pipe repair map, Repair scheme on pipeline site) is provided.

Document flow systems, formation of the preventive work schedule of line part objects

Control of timeliness of production activities execution


This module allows to control activity of divisions which is directly connected with productions at the enterprise in the automatic mode. First of all the module allows  to monitor implementation of schedules which realization is enabled by a mark of implementation of the plan point and automatic filling of the relevant operational document.


Using function of creation of logical inquiries, the system gives an opportunity of automated forming the operational measures lists executed by the specific employee on the specified equipment for the specified time period, monitoring thereby timely performance of a production activity. For  the performed works results displaying, associated with operation of the equipment by production divisions, creation of inquiries to  organizational, normative and technical documents is used.

Schedule of preventive work

Formation of operational and reporting documentation


All operational records are related to the passports of the objects and have the ability to visualize the locations of the installation on graphic materials, developed flexible adjustment of notifications and reminders about scheduled work, as well as deviations from the norms of equipment operation in accordance with the established business rules. List of module functions:


  • Construction of business processes for maintaining operational data
  • Keeping electronic logs of operational activities and results of inspections / repairs / diagnostics
  • Linking all the operational data to the passports of the objects, placements on the map, diagrams
  • Construction of vertical reporting system based on passport, spatial and operational data
  • Control the timing of filling magazines according to business rules
  • Opening passports of equipment from logs
  • Tools of analysis of operational data with control of work in the defined period of divisions and separate specialists
  • Export logs to Excel
  • Print logs
  • Notification customization system
control of technological indicators
technological performance in dynamics

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