Databases formation

Databases are created in accordance with the conceptual structure describing data and relation among them, and are intended to satisfy the corporate information needs.


Our company renders a range of services related to data structure creation,  information collection and filling of electronic databases guided by the needs and requirements of our customers. We can accomplish the base structure creation, information content and its technical support, and make possible  to generate user's own report forms using the selections of based on logic enquiries.

Development and adaptation of  enterprise process facilities Classifiers


The correct and complete description of the objects structure and their relationships, the main attribute characteristics is the cornerstone of the database creation. For this purpose, we have developed and adapt the Classifiers of oil and gas facilities which may serve as a basis for design of objects database of passportization information system.

The analysis of information on production objects operated at the enterprise, formation and the description by information means of data structure and reference information formation rules is made for development of the Classifier. Formation of production dictionaries and directories, their cleaning and verification are carried out based on regulatory and technical documents.


Classifier of technical data establishes:


  • name of classes
  • hierarchy of process facilities in the classification structure
  • classification signs
  • determination of attributive composition
  • designation of structural links
  • dictionary formation

We possess unique experience of development of energy sector objects Classifiers,  the development of information models, attracting to their creation and check the largest profile institutes and leading experts.


The developed classifiers have the relevant copyright certificates:


  1. Copyright registration certificate No. 28152 for «Classifier of Line Section Facilities, Cathodic Protection and Energy-Supply to Line Consumers of the Main Gas Pipeline for the Purposes of Record and Analytical Estimation of Technical Condition» (Author: A. Mikhailenko; Property right is held by IT-TRANSIT LLC).
  2. Copyright registration certificate No. 28153 for «Classifier of Compressor Station Facilities of the Main Gas Pipelines» (Author: A. Mikhailenko; Property right is held by IT-TRANSIT LLC).
Table of classification characteristics attributive composition and pipeline valves
Data structure of  technological objects, databases formation

Production facility technical passportization


For efficient operation of production units that operate technical facilities, it is necessary to have prompt access available to all technical documents of such facilities, including factory certificates, maintenance-inspection records, operating and service regulations for each specific facility, process diagrams, flow charts and other diagrams referenced to the facilities data sheets.


These and other functions are carried out by the information systems of production facility technical passportization which we develop. Works involving collection, processing, systemization and arrangement of data are carried out based on the developed and approved by Classifier of technical data.


Data is collected by our specialists on the basis of the materials of corporate technical archives, documents existing at the sites and representative offices in the available in hardcopy and electronic form, using the equipment for scanning and further processing and material digitizing. Lost technical information about the production facilities is restored based on expert technical works.


The final stage of the technical passporting of equipment of production is the data processing and filling of specialized production centralized and distributed databases, making a reference between technical data and accompanying operating materials and media, making a reference between the facilities and interactive graphic materials, creation of links among the facilities.


Special attention in each information system is paid to creation of centralized storage for reference information, which ensures its storage, processing and retrieval. The functional contains the tools intended for directories and classifiers maintenance, as well as the means for search of the accounted facilities using the logic enquires.

Production facility technical passportization

Integration works on harmonization of database structures of various corporate information systems


Works on information system integration rely upon comparison of database structures.


Survey of existing data structures of various corporate information systems are examined, and the unified data structure is designed, the rules for data support in various information systems are developed, integration mechanisms are realized, and the unified model of data and corporate database is created.

Comparison Table of databases corporate information systems

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