Dispatching system

The management information system intended for enterprise information support of dispatching processes control and rapid response to emergency situations, provides the quick automated search and granting the set of data on production objects, conditions of its placement and operation demanded for decision-making.


Core modules dispatching in:

Support of negotiation and permissive procedures


Module of operation and maintenance procedures support provides the basic functions due to passport, graphics, maintenance, operational, regulatory and other data processing, taking into account the receipt of information from the contractors and outside organizations:


  • Accounting for production works on Main pipeline route, industrial site, the distribution network section;
  • Changing of gas flow scheme or other product being transported in order to ensure maintenance activities;
  • Definition of the optimal path of transportation to the place of repair, with the possibility of passage of maintenance equipment;
  • Analysis of the repair activities and zones of influence;
  • Determination of interacting subsuvusuins, coordination of the work plan, notification and confirmation of the plan by responsible departments;
  • Create operational accounting records of maintenance work, maintenance and coordination of orders and work permits;
  • Support of maintenance summaries of operating modes, accounting of gas and resources, gas consumption for own needs and others.
Addition scheme of the work permit

Emergency response (1 call)


Complex of measures performance, directed to mitigation of the emergency situation consequences  for human health, safety, quality of life, property and environment belongs to emergency response. Accident identification in compliance with which the chosen optimum scenario of actions is made, are appointed responsible and the plan of emergency actions is implemented, territories and zones of influence are defined.


Automation of dispatching tasks is provided with the following functions of the module:


  • Operational analysis from the database of the entire set of cartographic, technical, operational, diagnostic, design and execution data on the facility and the site of accident, as well as related information including service organizations in the area of emergency, surrounding infrastructure and other objects;
  • Output of information on a zone of switch-off of pipeline section or installation:
    • places of the switching valves;
    • changes of pressure modes on a section;
    • switchable valves;
    • changes in the scheme of the gas or other product flow with minimal deviations from transportation plans.
  • Search for the shortest route to the place of accident:
    • identification of the optimum ways of arrival to the place of accident;
    • estimating the access period with consideration of the time of year, type of vehicle, distance between the facility and repair bases and so on;
    • definition of the movement route at an industrial site taking into account passability of special transport equipment.
  • Providing of information on the plan of interaction of different departments services:
    • warning of subdivisions about emergency situation, the plan of work and the list of actions;
    • confirmation of acquaintance and readiness for interaction in case of work in the zone of operational responsibility;
    • providing information on organization of work and elimination of emergency situations;
    • Calculating impact zones of the damaging factors in accidents.
  • Calculating of impact zones of the damaging factors in accidents.
Scenario definition of liquidation works
Analysis of the data complex about  the facility and the accident site
Spatial analysis of the emergency territory
Dispatching system, warning of subdivisions about emergency situation, coordination of response services

Statistical accounting


The module of the accounting of non-staff situations supports automation of dispatching functions on maintaining, processing and providing statistical information on accidents and incidents:


  • The accounting of data on the taken place events: addition; preservation; editing; removal (in the presence of the rights); printing of the document.
  • Formation of reports on results of the occurred emergency and non-staff situations.
  • Formation of reports on data on negative factors.


 Information resources of Dispatching accounting  will include the following materials:


  • Emergency shutdown zone map;
  • Security organization service area map;
  • Environmental protection zone map of MP passing territory;
  • Longitudinal profile of the gas pipeline;
  • Schemes for welding joints of the area;
  • Information on switching of check valves;
  • Technical and operational information on the damaged objects and adjacent ones;
  • Information related to operation status reports of pressure modes;
  • Operational documentation related to performance of operational documentation (inspection logs for this area, equipment repair and maintenance logs, repair forms).

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