Main pipelines operation informatization

Автоматизация эксплуатации Магистральных трубопроводов

The main production work of the pipeline and transport complex is to control the safe operation the main and auxiliary equipment of the transport system. To ensure the stable operation of the pipeline and transport system, it is necessary to timely perform procedural, repair and diagnostic measures, promptly respond to emergencies and receive timely information about facilities, their status and exploitation predictive terms.


The main pipelines (MP) and their infrastructure may differ, depending on the type of product transported. These may include:
gas pipelines, oil pipelines, pipelines, steam pipelines, water pipelines, oxygen pipelines, fuel oil pipelines, acetylene pipelines, oil pipelines, petrol pipelines, acid pipelines, alkaline conduits, ammonia pipelines.


The general objects of main pipelines are:


  • pipeline with branches and loops, stop valves, transitions through natural and artificial obstacles, connection nodes oil pumping stations, compressor stations, gas consumption metering nodes, gas reduction points, nodes of start and receive cleaning devices, condensate collectors, as well as devices for methanol input;

  • installation of anticorrosive electrochemical protection of pipelines;
  • technological communication lines and facility;
  • pipeline telemechanics means;
  • power lines;
  • fire fighting equipment;
  • roads and helipads, pipelines location identification marks, warning signs and pointers.

Enterprises that have chosen and use software solutions of IT-TRANSIT LLC for automation purposes the main pipelines operation:

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