Informatization of energy complex

Informatization of energy enterprises is performed by GIS tools for the purpose of accounting, cartographic display of GIS data and other information systems, analysis in solving managerial and operational production problems of enterprise units.


We are developing both classic solutions for informatization of the energy industry, and specialized ones:


  • Technical certification with an inventory of all enterprise objects to a given granularity, data structuring
  • GIS - drawing objects on graphic and cartographic materials, building profiles, single-line diagrams and 3-dimensional equipment models and linking graphic elements with equipment passports, solving navigation and route problems


  • Specialized solutions for the automation of production activities: ERP, analysis of equipment performance, cost analysis, document management, accounting of supply volumes and interaction with consumers (integration with SCADA systems), formation of repair cards


  • Analytical solutions, with the implementation of the following tasks:
  • Monitoring the condition of structures, the verticality of supports, the height of sagging, the growth of the DKR and other parameters
  • Emergency prevention using modeling tools and monitoring results assessment
  • A unified approach to assessing the status and standardizing management decisions for the maintenance and planning of modernization of power lines and equipment

All the results of surveys and calculations are available for analysis in a tabular form - in the system you can configure filters and select attributes for outputting and printing a finished report, or upload data for analysis by specialists.


The objects of certification of the energy complex are power transmission lines, supports, substations and their nodes, engineering equipment, power line intersections, instrumentation.


To automate the tasks of servicing energy equipment and controlling the supply of energy, a complete collection of information on the availability, passage, characteristics of energy equipment is carried out, technical information, data on energy consumption, energy consumption monitoring are analyzed in order to develop recommendations for its savings.


For the purpose of collecting information and analyzing the status of power transmission line equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles are used: aircraft, rotary, as well as helicopters with installed high-resolution cameras. According to the results of an air survey, data is collected to identify threats to the state of power lines, such as: calculation and assessment of the sag, the area of ​​afforestation in the area of ​​power transmission lines, the ranking of trees near power lines in height, visualization of tree fall zones and others.


A comprehensive examination allows you to identify a wide range of equipment failures in the early stages:

  • connection loss
  • oxidation switches
  • faulty insulators
  • connection overheating
  • faulty conductors and components
  • slack and malfunctions of power line components
  • problems with support pylons
  • degradation of polymer insulators
  • cracks in porcelain insulators
  • corrosion of cement and metal caps
Informatization of energy sector, informatization of energy complex, еnergetics automation



GIS energy enterprises (5 mb)

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