Informatization of energy sector

Informatization of energy sector is carried out for the purposes of accounting equipment,operational process of maintenance management, intellectual assessment of risks and planning of repairs, reporting support.


The automation objects on energetics are: communication, retail network, engineering equipment, control and measuring instruments.


To make a full collecting  of information on the availability, transit, characteristics of equipment on energetics and to make analysis of this information, energy costs,monitoring of energy consumption to make recommendations on its economy for automation of maintenance task  of  the energy equipment and control of energy supply.


Developed standard solutions for informatization of industry (technical passport system, drawing of objects on graphics, cartographic materials and linking objects with graphic elements) and specialized decisions of automation  production activity (technical  service and repair, analysis effectiveness of the equipment, cost analysis, document flow, deliveries of accounting and interaction with consumers).

Informatization of energy sector, informatization of energy complex, еnergetics automation

GIS energy enterprises (5 mb)

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