Technical support

Development of specialized corporate information systems intended for better efficiency of management and operation of energy facilities is among the key activities of the company.


We provide our customers and partners with comprehensive information solutions. Information systems of various purpose taken all together enable the enterprises to manage their routine production issues on a high organizational and managerial level.


Technical support is provided to the Customer’s specialists (administrators, users, responsible employees) at all stages of the system implementation and operation. Our specialists prepare the technical means and adjust the system, deploy the database structure and create the required objects, set the user accounts and access rights depending on the production targets of each unit, as well as the operation activity zone. Implementation of information systems may be carried out in multi-stage manner adapted to the production needs and the enterprise peculiarities, with further follow-up and analysis of the achieved intermediate results.


The company prepares a full list of documents for the developed systems: installation, start-up and application of the software product. All components of the information system are tested before its launch, and support is provided at the stage of system b-testing; the personnel undergo training and the implementation status is subject to monitoring.


We perform multi-aspect training of users in full-time and remote way, using the up-to-date program training technologies, and create interactive training video materials on working with the programs developed by us, and provide support to training servers with actual programs for remote trainings.


Technical support to users is provided remotely as a feedback through acceptance of enquires by the claim record system, prompt processing and debugging or giving comments and explanations.


Beside this, we support the data structure, if it is necessary to expand the class range. Our specialists analyze and determine a place for the new class within the structure of objects, links with other objects, exclude conflicts in the system operation which may occur upon its adding, and describe the range of attributes and reference information.

Technical support, technical support and training

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