Integration solutions

Development of integrated solutions for interaction of the information systems already existing at the enterprise is targeted at creation of the unified information space in order to ensure better and prompter accomplishment of the corporate business processes.


Interaction of the corporate information systems is identified while analysis of the corporate information environment and setting the limits of information responsibility of the systems that already exist or are planned for implementation.


Integrated solutions are developed based on the functional interaction among the information systems existing at the enterprise, and based on the interaction on the level of structures and databases. The structures of data contained in various systems are compared, and the rules of their interaction for the information exchange are developed, if necessary – the applied classifiers and reference data are consolidated, and the unified model of corporate data is developed. The rules for exchange of data from the integrated information systems are developed to minimize input of single-type data and synchronization of the information retrieval by the units.


The offered integrated solutions will make it possible to optimize business processes and to improve up-to-dateness of all information data, to prevent their doubling, to ensure control of synchronization and exchange of the input information among the systems and enhance correctness of their input, ensure accessible team-working of all employees.

Integration solutions, unified information space

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