We provide to our customers and partners comprehensive information decisions. Information systems, different in an orientation, allow oil and gas enterprises  and other branches to solve the daily production problems at the high organizational and administrative level.


Company services can be carried out in a complex, as consecutive stages of the uniform block of works on creation of specialized corporate information system, and also as separate types of works for providing the set production purposes.


The main services provided by IT-TRANSIT LLC include the following activities:

Design and implementation of corporate information systems

Inspection of production and modeling of business processes, the description of information flows within and between divisions and employees, the analysis of demanded information resources, formation of requirements to information system and the specification, development of design decisions and realization of information systems.

Development of integration decisions

Delimitation of information responsibility of the systems existing and planned to introduction, development of integration decisions on functional interaction of information systems of the enterprise, and also on their interaction at the level of structures and databases.

Complex of services in creation of spatial data

Performance of complex engineering researches, land, cartographical, the photogrammetric and other works for the purpose of providing the enterprise with different spatial resources of divisions for the solution of production tasks, or as a basis of a spatial database of corporate geographical information system. 

Development and formation of specialized databases

Formation and description information means of structure of data and rules of formation of standard reference information, collecting and systematization of information on production objects, information processing and filling of databases.

Implementation and support of information systems, expert advice and information consulting

Multistage introduction of information systems, technical support of experts of the Customer at all stages of introduction and at system operation, multidimensional training of users, training in third-party software products and technologies, performance of consultations, information audit and examination of information projects and the accompanying works.

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