The main activity of IT-TRANSIT LLC is the design, development and implementation of corporate information systems and applications for enterprises of fuel and energy complex, transport, state and municipal governments. The company also has competences and experience developing data structures of industrial objects of any complexity and level of detail for various information tasks; creating classifiers of production facilities and information technology data models of large engineering systems; the formation of specialized electronic databases (cartographic, diagnostic, technical, operational and other).


Our realized information systems have proven success, demand and viability. We can offer the customer as the ready standard industry solutions, checked by time and production operating use at thsimilar enterprises tasks and scales, as well as the development of new systems or modules (or adapting existing) under specific requirements. Separate software solutions can be combined module-by-module, adapted to the standards and business goals of production and corporate, and create information systems of given mission, the scope of application with the required set of functions.

Geographic information systems

Geographic information systems are designed for storing, managing, displaying and manipulating of spatial data, adapted, optimized and functional extensions for applied industrial production tasks.

 Technical condition assessment systems

Program complex of calculation, analytical and expert modules for processing the results of diagnostic surveys, current and forecast assessment of the technical state of production facilities, efficient and effective planning of repair, diagnostic and o  perational measures aimed at improving the integrity and reliability of the facilities.

Equipment accounting systems

Systems of technical certification are intended for information support of processes of operation of objects, search and management of cumulative technical information on them (in interaction with operational, registration, repair, spatial, diagnostic  and other information), maintenances in an actual state as structures of these objects, and information on them.

Metering equipment accounting system

Program complex of the organization and information support of the enterprise divisions of metrological account process of measuring instruments.

Document flow systems

Are intended for information support of planning and registration processes for works on the account, operation, repair, service and production activity control, support of quick and reporting document flow in the enterprise between all its divisions within uniform production business processes.

Dispatching system

The management information system intended for information support at the enterprise of dispatching control and rapid response to emergency situations processes, providing the quick automated search and granting in an optimum type of data set on production objects, conditions of their placement and operation demanded for decision-making.

Mobile Solutions

Complex of mobile applications for interactive work in the field with spatial data (maps), process graphics, technical documentation and passport of production facilitiy, their media materials and other information required when performing maintenance and repair tasks outside the office.

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