Assessment of cathodical protection means condition

Specialized modules of residual resource calculation of pipeline coatings, an assessment of efficiency and operability of Catodic protection station (CPS), calculation of a residual resource of anode grounding, an assessment of protectability of the pipeline for extent and in time are developed for the analysis of operability of pipeline corrosion  protection means.


These modules in total with means of the visual analysis and statistics of diagnostic materials of a detailed elektrometry, seasonal measurements on Test station (TS), and also the revealed defects of metal and defects of isolation allows to estimate a condition of active and passive pipeline corrosion protection means, to draw conclusions on need of the repair or improving actions on the pipeline.


For the analysis and evaluation of efficiency of protection of pipelines from corrosion are used following the developed modules:

Analysis of the corrosion situation along the pipeline route


Function of the analysis of a corrosion situation along the route of the pipeline fixes levels of corrosion danger on pipeline sites which are based on the soil given specific resistance, indications of their chemical composition and the accounting of level of ground waters.


Levels of corrosion danger of the pipeline share on the conditional corrosion danger (CCD), the increased corrosion danger (ICD) and the high corrosion danger (HCD).


The scheme of display of  corrosion situation danger degree is interactive and supports function of transition to passports and graphic materials of objects on the scheme, among which are situation objects, pipeline technology objects, means of anticorrosive protection.

Scheme of displaying corrosion pipelines hazard levels

Assessment of the pipeline protection on extent and in time


The module of Assessment of corrosion protection of the pipeline allows to make an assessment of protectability of the pipeline on time and extent, to analyse the reasons of its insufficiency protectability on the basis of data on CPS operating modes, on CPS refusals, materials of complex electrometry surveys.

Assessment of a pipeline protection corrosion

Assessment of a residual resource of pipeline corrosion protection means 


Using information on technical parameters of corrosive protection means and data of CPS modes measurements, the system counts operability of installation, defines a condition of anode grounding, and issues recommendations about increasing of overall performance of ECP means  and carrying out the repair actions directed on improvement of pipeline protection quality.

System for Calculation of the CPS work effectiveness

Assessment of technical condition of insulating coating


The function based on a technique of an assessment of protective current density on the pipeline is developed for the evaluation of the current technical condition of protective covering of MGP.


On the basis of technical information on the pipeline in a DB, values of measurements of potentials at a detailed elektrometry and seasonal measurements on TS creation of the linear chart which displays results of calculations of an assessment of protective coating in  the score-quality form is carried out. The condition of isolation is defined on sites of the main gas pipelines located between two interfaced installations of cathodic protection. Each of sites between two CPS is painted over in colour, depending on the calculated value of density of protective current.


Among on the chart information – data on an arrangement of means of anticorrosive protection, objects of crossings of the route and opportunity to load other information on objects of technology and an environment with function of transition to passport information of objects on the scheme.

Linear diagram of insulation coating MGP assessment calculation results

Analysis of CPS operating modes


The "Analysis of CPS operating modes" module is intended for processing of a complex of data on  pipeline protectability inspections results, among which data on operating modes of CPS, seasonal measurements on TS, for the purpose of visualization of the pipeline protectability along the route, the analysis of sites and levels of protection and optimization of cathodic protection stations operating modes control.


Five last measurements imported to DB are used for the analysis on the basis of which five charts of inspection and five schedules of CPS operating modes are under construction and influence on each of the CPS modes on the level of pipeline protection is compared. The chart shows the level of the pipeline protection within the chosen CPS and two next.

Assessment of cathodical protection means condition

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