Assessment of the distribution network equipment condition

For the technical condition analysis of distributive networks  facilities which include pipelines of high, medium and low pressure, regulating pressure equipment on a pipeline site,  corrosion protection means, shutoff valves and other auxiliary equipment and systems, that use different solutions developed for this purpose. Among them are:


These modules in conjunction with the means of visual analysis allow user to assess the state of the distribution network facilities, to draw conclusions about the need to repair or improve activities in the areas of pipeline, technological objects.

Spatial analysis of hydraulic calculations


Hydraulic calculations on sites of distributive networks are intended to determine the pressure at the end points of the pipeline (consumers) at the different modes and terms of delivery of a product. Reliability of hydraulic calculation depends on quality of installation of flanges (unions), laying and purity of welded seams of the pipes causing the additional resistance to a liquid stream.


On the basis of settlement systems which give out results on pressure indicators in a network under different load conditions - it is possible to bring data to cartographical resources and to load them for design tasks, the analysis of the delivery modes at non-staff situations and other tasks. At integration with external systems it is possible to carry out data exchange, transferring data on spatial position of the pipeline, technical characteristics, consumers on a network site, both receiving and displaying network loading indicators on the map.

Assessment of the distribution network equipment condition, spatial analysis of hydraulic calculations

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