Monitoring of the technical condition of pipeline valves

Pipeline valves are one of the basic technological elements of pipeline and transport system which condition control  is very important at an assessment of integrity of pipelines and ensuring their trouble-free operation.


For scheduling on inspection and adjustment of shutoff valves, fixation of results of its diagnostics, purpose of the improving and repair actions, control of its performance, monitoring the analysis of an expected condition of shutoff valves was realized the module of planning, accounting and monitoring of pipeline valves condition.


All information on inspections, repairs and the performed works on objects of shutoff valves are fixed in passport and operational documentation of system. It contains as electronic operational documentation: the acts, defective forms, inspections data, logs of actions appointment and performance, accompanying graphic media: manufacturer's certificates of origin, schemes, photos and other data.


Pipeline valves passport includes graphical representation of inspections occurring at different times for convenience of comparison and the analysis of valve condition change, results of locking body tightness measurement (with display on schemes of different valves types), display of schemes of valves shutoff installation knots for accurate localization of the concrete surveyed fittings unit is displayed. Also the system supports technological document flow on maintaining Acts of valves inspection.

Monitoring of the technical condition of pipeline valves, passport-operational documentation of the  pipeline and transport system

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