Maintenance of repair measures with allowing documents

"Maintenance of repair measures with allowing documents" module is intended for information support of the repair and maintenance activities at the industrial facility, to ensure the security of the excavation by providing certified permits and spatial and technical information related to the repair site facilities.


The module provides performance of the following functions:


  • Providing combined maps and technical data about the object and the site of repair work to the executor with the provision of related information for adjacent and intersecting structures and communications, their service divisions;
  • Formation of the fragments to the copy of the General Plan and permit for excavation;
  • Printing of permits and accompanying documents;
  • Accounting for open excavation sites and the formation of permits report;
  • Updating the general plan materials on the results of the executive survey control;
  • Control of closing planned and unplanned excavation works.

Module's information resources are the following materials:


  • General plan;
  • Longitudinal profiles of extended objects;
  • Technical and operational information for the intersection of objects and adjacent underground structures.

To carry out the above functions module interacts with the subsystems: " General Plan" (GIS), "Passport".

Scheme to the solution in the production of earthworks

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