Assessment of the technical condition of the industrial site objects

Industrial site objects include technological systems and installation of Compressor stations, Underground gas storage, Gas distribution stations, Automobile gas-filling compressor stations (AGCS), Oil-pumping stations, and others.


Subsystem of assessment of the industrial site objects condition automates activities of engineers-diagnosticians of the enterprise and the staff of engineering and technical centers, and also displays a summary of on technical condition of the equipment.


The main purpose of the subsystem - the storage and processing of the results of inspections, maintenance, and other types of diagnostics of process equipment of the industrial site object, the accumulation of historical information about the aggregates state, calculation of indicators on the basis of the entered data, preparation of forms, reports and charts.


Developed following modules, which used to provide equipment condition assessment tasks of the industrial site object:

Vibration diagnostics


The module is designed for input, storage and analysis of the results of the vibration surveys on piping and gas-compressor unit (GCU). In each inspection technical condition of inspection object is automatically estimated, the points demanding strengthening of control or elimination are allocated. The user can generate a report with the results of the measurements, make a scheme, the act of a survey or a photo. Generation of reporting documentation for all types of surveys and the construction of summary reports for the selected criteria  is automated with the help of this module.


Main functions of the module:


  • maintaining information on vibration diagnostics of a pipeline binding at an industrial site;
  • maintaining information about the extended vibration diagnostics of GCU different types (gas motor compressors, units with the gas-turbine drive and the electric drive);
  • maintaining information about basic periodic vibration diagnostics of GCU;
  • automatic calculation of the overall level of vibration and assessment of the technical condition of piping and unit;
  • maintenance of graphic schemes of units and additional graphic materials;
  • generating reports on all types of diagnostics, forms periodic control measurements;
  • formation of the signal status maps of units of compressor stations and summary reports on the points beyond the permissible limits.
Maintaining information about vibration survey, vibration inspection of a equipment
Assessment of the technical condition of the industrial site objects
The forming of reports on diagnostics carrying out

Visual measurement control


The visual measurement control (VMC) module is intended for input, analysis and storage of results, and also drawing up reports on the carried-out visual and measuring control on objects of the compressor stations (CS): gas-compressor unit (GСU), gas air coolers (GAC) and vessels working under pressure (VWUP).


For each of the object types  (GСU, GAC, VWUP)  the following types of inspections are considered in the module:


  • external survey of uninsulated piping sites;
  • external inspection of the piping protective coating;
  • external inspection of the piping supporting structures.

By means of the module formation of reporting documentation for all types of inspections is automated.

Report on conducted visual measurement control
Report about external diagnostics of supporting structures

Thickness measuring


Module "Thickness measuring" is a part of subsystem "engineer-diagnostician" and is designed for input, storage of wall thickness measurement results at the control points, as well as assessing of current state and residual resource of CS process piping.


Measurements are carried out in control points on pipelines branches of gas-compressor unit (GCU) binding, gas air cooler (GAC) and the dust collector (DC). On the basis of the received measurements and characteristics of pipeline branch the calculations and the recommendations on operation are performed.


Аunctionality of this module include:


  • input into DB  the measurements results at the control points;
  • output of schemes of the walls' thickness measurement of the branches of GCU piping, GAC, DC;
  • formation of reports on measurements of the walls' thickness of the branches of GCU piping, GAC, DC;
  • calculation of admissible values of the walls' thickness of branches of GCU piping, GAC, DC;
  • maintaining of reference information (thesaurus "Steel grade" and "Measuring Device of diagnostic maintenance of the equipment and pipelines of Compressor Stations".
Formation of reports in the module "Thickness measuring"
Adding media material in the module "Thickness measuring"
Thickness measuring of GAC branches

Thermo technical tests (Parametrical diagnostics of GCU)


Heattechnical Tests module is intended for input, analysis and storage of results of the carried-out heattechnical tests on gas-compressor (GCU) units of compressor station. The user can create the report with results of measurements, attach the scheme, the act of inspection or the photo. By means of the module formation of reporting documentation on all types of inspections and creation of summary reports on compressor stations by the chosen criteria is automated.


The module takes into account peculiarities of the survey and unit parameters for the following GCU types:


  • GTK-10-4 and GTK-10-4 M (one and three modes);
  • GPA-16DKS-02L "Ural" (PS-90 engine type);
  • GPA-16mg-90 (engine type PS-90).
The register of thermo technical tests
Linear approximation (trend), graph of the GСU power dependence on temperature and rotation frequency

Thermovision inspection


Thermal imaging surveys are one of the most advanced areas such as non-destructive control and an integral part of energy audits of buildings. This method is very convenient because of its efficiency and visibility, and allows you to determine the presence of defects in material breach of release techniques, errors during construction and operation, materials aging.


Developed functionality is intended for input, analysis and storage of results of the conducted thermovision examinations of buildings and constructions, and also thermovision inspections of GCU cases on CS. For more evident analysis of the situation on the surveyed objects there is a possibility of addition of photos and thermograms.


Formation of reporting documentation on all types of inspections and creation of summary reports on the chosen criteria is automated by means of the module.

Reporting documentation about conducting thermovision inspections
Thermogram and photograph of a building

PIG inspection of technological pipelines


"PIG inspection of technological pipelines" module is intended for input, analysis and storage of intra pipe inspections results of technological pipelines of binding and plumes of industrial site objects.


Functions of the "PIG inspection of technological pipelines" module:


  • Input, storage, viewing of results of pipeline binding periodic inspections;
  • Addition of media materials of inspection results (photo, video, acts);
  • Formation of the report for the chosen period;
  • Analysis of results on the set inspection route.
The act of visual and measurement control
Intra pipe inspections

Geodetic control


The module of geodetic control of industrial site object constructions is intended for input, analysis and storage of results, and also generating reports on the taken geodetic measurements on the following objects of compressor station: Gas-compressor unit (GCU), Gas Air cooling (GAC), dust collectors (DC), pipeline binding (PB). Periodic control geodetic measurements are taken on the fixed points which are displayed on the scheme. Schemes can be stored and looked through directly in the module.


Functions of the geodetic control module:


  • Import of periodic geodetic measurements results;
  • Addition of schemes by results of geodetic control;
  • Formation of the report;
  • Analysis of results, formation of conclusions about the equipment provision.

Following types of survey are considered in the module:


  • periodic control measurements of technological pipelines;
  • periodic control measurements of the foundations;
  • inspections before and after the complex repair of technological pipelines.

Each point at the time of survey undertaken measurements are: high-rise situation and distance between the adjacent points. Then on the basis of the VRD 39-1.10-0.26-2001 standard points to pay attention is  determined.

Geodetic control module, geodetic software
Scheme by result of geodetic survey
Scheme by result of geodetic survey

Technical examination and expertise of industrial safety of vessels working under pressure


The module is intended for maintaining the accounting of periodic engineering certifications of the vessels working under pressure (VWUP). Periodic control surveys are carried out on the fixed points which are displayed on the scheme. By results of examinations of industrial safety the conclusions with the recommendation about further operation of VWUP, and also necessary procedural works and diagnostic inspections of technical condition of VWUP are issued.


Schemes, acts, expertise conclusions are stored and looked through in the module, with possibility of transition to passport information of VWUP, to results of vibration inspection, a thickness measuring for the complex analysis of technical condition and recommendations about operation of VWUP.

Technical examination of vessels
Photo of vessels working under pressure
 Report by technical survey results of vessels working under pressure

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