Management system of technical condition and integrity of industrial site objects

Management system of technical condition and integrity of industrial site objects  is intended for the visualization and analysis of information on the technical condition of indusrial site equipment, risk assessment and economic consequences of possible accidents, as well as to make recommendations on repair activities priority to ensure reliable and safe operation of equipment of indusrial site  object with a view to optimization of expenses at resource restrictions.


Determination of CS equipment technical condition coefficients  for management system of technical condition and integrity of industrial site objects is carried out by results of the diagnostic inspections and expert opinions received from the following modules of the Subsystem of assessment of the technical condition of the industrial site objects:

Evaluation of possible damage consequences


In assessment of probability and potential damage of accidents the consolidated information on a condition of the equipment is analyzed, information on group of objects is displayed, the detailed information on life cycle of each object participating in calculations of technical condition of industrial site object is provided as well as.

The assessment of technical condition is made with use of various diagnostic methods for the main station processing equipment: Gas air coolers (GAC), Gas-compressor units (GPU), Vessels working under pressure (VWUP), Pipeline binding, technological pipelines and pipeline binding, equipment of power and electrochemical protection.

The analysis of technical condition of CS as uniform block is consolidated to accumulate a big data array about the equipment operation on the basis of information including  information from external  systems of the enterprise, obtaining parameters and coefficients, which are used in the planning of repairs of achievements criteria statisticians of downtime and refusals.

The risk assessment determines the potential damage to the operation of CS and the comparison of the cost of repairs to the possible risks, to improve the efficiency of investment.

On the basis of the calculation procedures the optimal scope of work and costs necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment are determined, objects and scope of CS equipment repairs identifies as well, sorted by priority.

Structure of consolidated information on the equipment state

Definition of repairs order and scope


The module allows to create a plan for CS targets, based on the priority ranking of repair measures. The item-by-item plan displays information on a number of the calculated annual and current coefficients: a priority, technical condition, an operating time, repairity, non-standard events, the reservation and risks weighed on coefficient of technical condition of compressor shop. Also, the module displays information about the kinds of planned activities, planned and actual costs, breakdown of works on quarters. The module allows to plan the work, based on user-entered cost limit.


The plans can be created for various years for inspection methods and setting priorities for the expert opinion of gas transportation company specialists. Each plan creates a record in the history, so that you can compare different plans and verify the weight of various groups of objects.


The module must take into account the following factors:


  • Identification of the hazardous constituents;
  • Calculating the probability of equipment refusal;
  • Calculation of the technical state of hazardous constituents;
  • Calculation of indicators of trends of technical condition;
  • Calculation of technogenic risks;
  • Calculation of the costs of the failure to ensure the normal operation area object.

Priority indicators determined for each piece of equipment based on the following formula. The formula consists of a set of coefficients, each of which is assigned an appropriate weight. The following factors are used to determine the priority:


  • Ктс - technical condition coefficient is determined on the basis of information on the results of diagnostic examinations or other equipment and describes its technical condition;
  • Кн - the current operating time coefficient;
  • Кр - repairity coefficient, takes into account the fixed equipment defects requiring repair (repair of gas turbine exhaust duct);
  • Кнс -  coefficient of non-standard events, custom events into account refusals ("Sokur");
  • Криски - technogenic risks coefficient calculated according to the methodology defined in the SRT 2-2.3-351-2009;
  • Крезерв - the coefficient of equipment redundancy, allows for redundancy (number of loops);
  • Ккс - rate priority compressor station - is calculated according to the SRT 2-2.3-523-2010 considers multilines of  gas transmission system k=1.  High priority to the shop.
Definition of repairs order and scope, calculation of priority indicators repair works
Ranking the priority of carrying out repair works

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